Add parts, labor, or special charges, like disposal charges. Parts can be added from an inventory list or when needed as you get them. You can also add parts by part number if you know it.

Create a labor list of common jobs and choose from it. You don't have to enter the same thing over and over.

You can also add labor when needed without putting it in the list.

Add packages canned job's like an oil change with oil and labor. You create the packages for your work orders and you can choose the one you want from this form.

Each customer or company can have multiple vehicles or machines on their account.

Totals for the invoice are automatically updated as you add parts, labor or special charges.

Notes can be added for the work order and you can choose the technician. A To-Do list can be printed for the technician.

Revise estimate feature tracks when, who, and how you contacted someone about a change in the estimate.

You can have a separate tech for each job.

Remember: If you have an auto repair shop, a boat shop or any kind of repair shop auto options can be turned on, or off as you wish in company setup.
When used with the Labor Guide© for Automotive a GET Quote button will bring in the labor information from the Labor Guide©. Just do the quote with you labor rate instead of using books and typing it in.

Labor Guide© is purchased separately and is used in auto repair shops. There are three levels of the quote for the work, low, medium and high so you can choose the one you want for your auto repair shop.
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Repair Order Entry Screen

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