Digital Wrench Benefits  A Partial List
In an effort to point out some of the benefits over using paper for invoicing we have put this partial list together. We will be adding to it as we have time.

Access to customer history in seconds. This gives you the date the work was completed so there is no guesswork on possible warrantee issues. You can also find parts that were used if there was a parts failure so you can contact the vendor for replacement.

Using a search option to can see if you ever worked on a type of work, like brakes, on one or more vehicles.

Find a customer by the VIN of their vehicle, handy when you don't know a customers name.

Assign tags numbers to a item or vehicle that's being worked on. Great for tracking fleet repairs when a customers have many vehicles.

Able to email customers an estimate or repair order. This is a highly requested feature by many of our customers. It allows customers to know what a repair will cost or how much a repair came to.

Professional and easy to ready estimates and invoices. This eliminates problems with bad handwriting and gives your shop a more professional feel with your customers.

Tracks income and taxes with printouts for one day, a week, a month or any time frame you pick for as long as you have been using Digital Wrench.

Tracks Inventory if you have it or parts used for a repair order for history. This is great if a part fails and you need to know where you bought it and when. For this to work properly the vendor needs to be picked when entering the part. Reports are available for printing your inventory's cost for tax purposes.

When used with inventory Digital Wrench will subtract items sold and put them on a suggested reorder list. All you have to do is set the minimum quantity when putting the part in inventory.

In inventory there are two kinds of markup calculators available. You can set a default markup for your items or make each one different. This saves having to go back and forth with a calculator on each part like is done when using paper.

Repair labor can be tracked using a log in and log out feature. This will give you actual repair labor time that one or more technicians took to do the work. Of course you can still charge book time to the customer if desired.

Using the status feature you can locate all active repair orders that have parts on order in one click! You can also find all completed repair orders with one click or zero in on any of four status settings to find those repair orders fast.

If you take payments from customers on repair orders Digital Wrench will track those payments for you. This can be a great time saving feature when compared to doing it by hand.

Pictures can be attached to a repair order to document possible problems before you start the work, or to document work done.

Time clock is available for tracking hours of employee's that work by the hour.

Profit reports can be printed for any estimate or repair order that has cost and retail entered.

A ToDo list can be printed for technicians with parts, and labor to be done. No prices are printed on the standard ToDo list.

Canned jobs can be used to bring parts and labor into a repair order all at once. This saves time over hand writing these items on paper or entering them one at a time into the software.

Using the Reminder Templates Digital Wrench will automatically generate reminders when certain work is done. This can be using for everything from an inspection, oil change, or just about any repetitive work. Reminders can be printed or emailed to customers.

An automatic fee can be set up for customers that pay with a credit card.

When entering labor into an estimate or work order there is a spell checker. This is a great tool for those that are challenged in the area.

Over 50 types of printouts are available including special invoices for certain states, like Florida. This saves money because you don't need to buy expensive printed invoices. Almost all invoices will print your company logo on the invoice if you have one in JPG, BMP or PNG format.

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