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Receivables screen for repair orders
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Pay on one, two, or as many invoices at the same time. If the RO is not completed, it will complete automatically
Does your company do charges and billing? The receivables program from VMT Software is just the ticket! This program works with the Digital Wrench program to give you the ability to send statements, charge interest, pay on multiple invoices and lookup all outstanding invoices for a customer.

No transfer is necessary as the receivables are integrated with Digital Wrench. You simply compile the interest (if you are charging interest), tell the program to print statements, put them into an envelope and mail them. (Coming soon you'll be able to Email the bills!)

If you have an auto repair shop, or any kind of repair shop that bills people, and you need to send out statements, this AR option will be great for you.

Send statements to your customers. Statements will show how late they are on invoices and can have different messages depending on how old the account is.

The statement fits in a standard windowed envelope so no labels are necessary.
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