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Work Order Packages

Most repair shops do jobs on a routine basis over and over again. Auto shops do oil changes or brake packages, boat repair do hourly service packages.

Any kind of repair business can benefit from the package feature in our work order software.

Just up up the labor, parts and any special charges, save the setup and you can add the package to an estimate or work order with just a click of the mouse.

Imagine adding a oil filter, oil, and related items without having to type them!
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Sell parts, labor, and specials charges
Separate price for each item in the package.
One price for the whole package instead of separate prices.
Use for oil changes, inspections, hourly service packages & more.
Bring packages into a work order or estimate in a seconds.
Saves time over separate entry
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Digital Wrench detailed screen tour is designed to show you how a certain features in the repair order software.

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