Text using SMS text messaging or email when repair is done. (great for all types of repair shops)

Send PDF of invoice by email.

Pending Estimates and Repair Orders are listed on one page, set the software to default to the type you use most.

To add an estimate click on Insert, to add a work order choose the work order tab and then Insert.

Change approved estimates to a work order by clicking on the transfer to work order button.

You do not have to have a estimate first to do a repair order!

Multiple tabs allow customers search by VIN, Customer #, Make, License, Unit or Tag#, Last Name or Company.

To print an estimate or work order click on the printer icon, or complete the transaction.

Print a To-Do list for the technician or a profit report for the estimate.

Time clock for employees.

For auto repair shops the searches by license number, VIN, or make making finding invoices a snap! If you do not do auto you can use these fields for anything you want. Repair business that are not in auto repair can use these fields for other searches.

New cloning features lets you duplicate existing RO's , very handy for any auto, boat or other repair business.

Add Deposit or Subtract Deposit.

When you are looking for software that will manage your auto, boat or other business, think Digital Wrench!
Repair order browse screen
Repair Order Browse

Digital Wrench detailed screen tour is designed to show you how a certain features in the repair order software.

Click on Image to see a larger version of the screen.

Repair Shop Software

Digital Wrench Detailed Screen Tour

Digital Wrench Facebook Site
Digital Wrench Facebook Site
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