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Our auto repair program was written to be a functional program for small or large auto shops that do not want an expensive, complicated program. If you want a program that works for you and has great support you should download and try our auto repair program for your shop. We pride ourselves in making software that is very functional, as we add new functions to our program, we try to make it even easier to use, not over complicated. Our automotive management software processes work orders, maintains customer history of work orders, tracks income, maintains inventory, tracks employee hours, and much more.

Motorcycle and ATV Shops

Do you want inventory control? Add the minimum quantities into your inventory items and when you reach that level it will be put into a suggested reorder list. You can look at the history of that part and decide if or how many you want to order. It gets slow sometimes in the off season, and thatís exactly when you need to use our built in marketing software along with our reminder system. Instead of sitting around waiting for someone to come through the door, be pro-active, send out an Email from Digital Wrench. Donít delay, get our full working demo today and see for yourself how you can benefit your shop with Digital Wrench!

Marine Repair Shops

Tracking your marine repairs is similar to working on any vehicle. Our repair orders can be used for several types of repair businesses. Our work order software does a very good job of tracking your customers, repair history, inventory, labor and more. Download the free trial and try the software yourself. Imagine doing a repair on an outboard or inboard marine motor and 8 months later the customer returns without his invoice. With the click of a couple buttons you can find the customer and view the repair order with all the parts and labor. Think how this can improve how you work at your marine repair business.

Diesel Repair Shop Software

As a Diesel mechanic you know you need software that will be easy to use for you and your mechanics. The last thing you need to do is spend hours trying to train mechanics on how to use a Diesel Shop Program. We believe our Diesel repair software is easy to use for any mechanic but we go a step further.... If you have an Internet connection we will spend the time to show you how to get our program up and running. We can show you and any mechanic you have working for you how to use the functions you need in just a few minutes on your computer. Be sure to download the trial version of our software and give it a try. Give us a call and weíll be happy to go through the program and show you how any auto mechanic shop can benefit by using our program.

Other Types of Repair Shops

Many other types of repair shops are using our software.

Transmission repair, RV Repair, ATV Repair

Power Sports Repair, Golf Courses, Computer Shops, and many more.

Since you are able to assign different values to your machine/vehicle fields you can customize Digital Wrench for almost any type of repair business.

Our report writer allows you, or us. to make custom invoices for nearly anything!

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Auto Repair Shop Software

A great addition to help you manage your RV Repair Shop. Interfaces to Spader for your labor guide. Handles Customers, Inventory, Invoice history, Income and taxes, Canned jobs and more.

Download the Trail version and see how our software can make things easier and better for your business.

Digital Wrench is NOW available in the Cloud!  Eliminate the hassles of hardware upgrades and access your data securely from anywhere with cloud hosting. Or, ensure you have a secure cloud data backup to protect it from disasters and cyber criminals.

Digital Wrench has partnered with DataHEALTH for these services.
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RV Repair Shop Software

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