Comparison of a Subscription to a Purchase
Advantages of a Subscription Advantages of a Purchase
Low Startup Costs

You always have support!

All Online Updates are Free!

Subscription pricing locked in from initial purchase date. (If we raise the monthly price, we don't raise your price!)

No Contract
No Monthly Fees

Runs forever.

Free updates (while support is in effect)

You only purchase support if you want to.

No Contract
Remember: Our software runs on your computer! Your data is on your computer, not someplace in the cloud. Cloud just means your data is on someone else's computer. Although usually very safe, other people have access to your data. On your computer, you can protect your information. We have a built-in Backup program so you can take your data with you.

Digital Wrench Pricing Plans

Digital Wrench is available for subscription or purchase!
Purchase Pricing
Includes 1 year support and upgrades
One Computer       $595.00
Two  Computers  (Network)                  $895.00
Each Additional Computer    $300.00
Optional Add Ons
Point of Sale           $395.00
Email Marketing    $150.00
Label Utility $150.00

RO Scheduling Program    $150.00

Labor Logger Program         $150.00
Included in Purchase or Subscription:
Email and Text Messaging feature
Import/Export Program
Custom Report Writer
Capterra Button
30 day guarantee
Buy now button
start trial button
Repair Order entry screen
Purchase or Subscribe to Single or Multi Computer Version

Purchase includes our Digital Wrench repair order software with 1 year support/upgrades (additional years as low as 200.00 a year).

Subscription includes the software, support and upgrades as long as you are subscribed.

Purchase Single Computer $595.00 or Subscribe for $39.95 a month.

Purchase Multi Computer (2) $895.00 or Subscribe $59.95 a month. This is for one location.
Digital Wrench Purchase Includes at no extra charge:
Canned/Custom Jobs
Order Tracking
Labor Tracking & Technician List
End of Day w/Reporting Options
Unlimited History
Email Reminders or text to customers.
Internet Training
Time Card for clocking In and Out
and much much more...

Multi Computer means more than one computer on a LAN (Local Area Network) in one physical location (shop). All workstations will be accessing the same data from the main computer.

Subscription Pricing
Includes support and upgrades
One Computer $39.95 a month
Two Computers $59.95 a month
Each Additional $20.00 a month
Point of Sale $19.95 a month
Also Included

RO Scheduling Program

Labor Logger Program

Email Marketing
Custom Report Writer
Import/Export Program
Email and Text Messaging feature
Customer Reminder System
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Digital Wrench

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