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* Boat repair shop software.
* Marine repair software.
* Marine service software
* School shop programs or anyone that needs a boat repair program.

Digital Wrench is a great program that works very well and will do the job for a great number of shops.

Tracking your marine repairs is similar to working on any vehicle. Our repair orders can be used for several types of repair businesses. Our work order software does a very good job of tracking your customers, repair history, inventory, labor and more. Download the free trial and try the software yourself.

Imagine doing a repair an outboard, or inboard marine motor and 8 months later the customer returns without his invoice. With the click of a couple buttons you can find the customer by their last name and view the repair order, all the parts and labor done. Think how this can improve how you work at your marine repair business.

Let's say you have a good customer come in to get their boat repaired. You know them well and would give them credit to charge part of the repair order. With our repair order program you can take partial payments on work done. Want even more flexibility? Add the option Accounts receivable and you can print statements you can mail to your customers.

Do you want inventory control? Add the minimum quantities into your inventory items and when you reach that level it will be put in a suggested reorder list for you. You can then look at the history of that part and decide if or how many you want to order.

Our marine repair order program can help you gain control and save time in your business. Download the free trial and call us if you have questions.

Please call 1-800-457-7818 for questions or to place an order.

Note: VMT Software is located in Oregon which is Pacific time. Eastern and Central time zone please remember to adjust your time when calling. We open at 9am which is noon Eastern and 11am Central time. We close at 5pm which is 8pm EST and 7pm CST.

Great guys to work with at VMT! Thanks so much for all the help!

I have been looking for a system like this for a long time and finally ran across these folks.

If you have a one man marine service shop like I have it is absolutely awesome. Affordable, easy to learn and does everything I want it to do. I can enter all my inventory and keep track of it as I write up work orders and invoices.

Plenty of fields to enter all customer boat data and history of what you have done in the past - and stores all my customers for easy access to repeat work orders.

Literally a dream come true for me as I am naturally un-organized and can never find a piece of paper I wrote all my customer info on. Now, when I get a new boat in all I do is open the program, type in my customers name, phone number and address and what all needs to be done. Add parts to work order as I work on the project and just complete when done.

Plenty more features that I don't use now, but will eventually as I go along.

Thanks again guys!     Andy Schlabach Andy's Boat Repair Sweet Springs, MO
Speed boat
Boat motor repair
Yamaha outboard
Boat Repair Shops
Diesel repair feature list
(Has Import for parts)
Schools that do Boat Repair
School work order feature list
School work order feature list
Fleet Service with built in AR & Multi-Pay
School work order feature list
From an outboard repair shop to a Marina Digital Wrench will make running your boat business easier.

Track repair orders, inventory, customers, find history in seconds, and more.

Create your own labor list saving you from having to type them over and over.

Use one of our 20 invoices or any of our customizable 15 invoices with your logo!
Digital wrench is a very user friendly program that we have successfully implemented in our dealership. Additionally, the program support staff has been outstanding and helped us figure out a few problems we were experiencing entering data into the program. In fact, they rewrote a portion of the program for us in just one day so we could zero out our warranty claims. I truly appreciate their friendly service and would recommend this program to other marine dealerships.

Castaway Marine, FL - Marine Repair
Marine Repair Shop Software

Import for Spader labor guide in version 5.0.07 and above.

Flat Rate Manual

Flat Rate billing can be the key for synchronizing the sales, service, and accounting departments, especially in the eyes of your customer. Spader Business Management has served as a data warehouse, collecting flat rate information from dealers in the marine, powersports and RV industries since 1989. These flat rate products reflect the compiled information of service departments just like yours from all around the U.S. and Canada.

The Marine manual includes over 14,600 different flat-rated jobs in categories such as:
Fiberglass & Detail
Fuel Systems
Jet Boats
Personal Water Craft
Are you looking for a easy to way to find finished repair orders?

Are you looking for a simpler and more effective approach to repair order software that's easy to use?  We've created repair order solutions that give you the tools you need for your business.

When you want help with repair orders, inventory managing, history, customer tracking, income, taxes and many other essential processes, Digital Wrench can help.

Your search for functional and user-friendly software is over. The trial is free and doesn't ask for any payment information, so give it a try.

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