Repair Order Software Features Added

Changes 2015

Added: Security level RO LABOR COST. This lets you hide the cost or wages of each technician in the labor log.
Added: Security Level: Edit Tech Hours. This prevents editing hours for tech signin (different than tech labor log).
Added: Security Level: Edit Payments. This prevents lower levels from editing the payments log for RO's.
Added: Security Level: Edit RO. Lower levels can only view the RO.. however they can still add an RO.
Added: Repair Order PO# is now available for custom Report Manager invoices.

Added: A tooltip to the parts browse (located in the RO Screen). This shows the vendor, Category, and technician just
by hovering over the line item in the parts.
Added: A View button to the parts browse. This only shows up under completed work orders/invoices so you can
view all of the selected part but cannot change it.
Added: Quickbooks test interface. Please do not use unless instructed at this time.
Added: A Customer Export to CSV (comma delimited) from the Import Utility.
Changed: Year of Copyright from 2014 to 2015. (Whew!.. that took a year!)
Fixed: Payment types and payment descriptions (credit card or check) were not being added to the payment logs.
Fixed: Split payments weren't properly added to the payment logs.
Fixed: 8 Profit reports didn't show anything. They now show the correct invoice information.
Changed: Individual Profit Report (available from the invoice browse screen) added cost w/taxes and cost w/discount.
Fixed: Invoice screen that shows all invoices for one customer. Now you can pay on Diagnostics and make
individual payments for completed RO's.
Added: A browse screen with filters for all invoices. You cannot edit invoices here, but set filters and export the data
to a spreadsheet. This will give you a true picture of your paid invoices and all of the money figures for each invoice.
It is found under the Cash Files Menu.
Changed: Many reports had the old date range screen. Now the new date range screen is used on most reports.
Added: A checkmark to indicate a customer is not to get charged interest. If you only want certain invoices to not
charge interest, only check the NCI button on the invoice (This can only be done before the invoice has been
Changed: The interest compiler ignores invoices for customers that have the No Interest Checkmark checked.

Changes 2014

Added: When creating an RO and you're adding parts, if you add a part that already exists in the RO, the program
will now ask you if you want to simply add the part (there will be an extra part record), or add the quantity (it will
increase the quantity of the part that already exists), or just cancel.
Added: a calculated field in the Labor Login form to show the total hours.
Added: Lookup to Special/Other Charges form (accessible from main menu)
Regression: The format of the Labor in the RO screen was saving the screen format. For instance if you narrowed a
field so you could see another field. This has been reimplemented, and now you can add the format of your choice,
so you can see the list of labor items in the format you like. For instance if you do flat rates, you might not want to
see the hours, and move other fields to the front. Right click (on the labor browse) and go to Format Setup. You can
format the column order as you like.
Added: From most browses you can right click and export an excel spreadsheet to the paste buffer, which you can
paste into your excel or other spreadsheet.

Added: Customer PO# to the Work Order. You can enter it in via the RO screen at the top with the More Customer
Added: Cost of labor to the RO labor item. This cost comes from the Labor Log. Cost is figured by calculating the
labor rate for each tech. The total actual hours and total cost is brought into the labor item when you close the browse
screen for the labor log.
Added: cost of labor, and profit, to the profit report. There is a profit item with No Labor for those that are not using
the labor logs.
Added: Customer PO# to the Statements line items.
Added: Customer PO# to invoice 14

Added: Image editor to each picture for parts. This is a work in progress but you can now edit (crop, resize, flip,
adjust contrast and brightness, etc.) and save the picture on the screen.

Added: Email capability to the monthly detail report. This will let you Email the report to yourself as it uses the
company Email address.

Added: Email capability to the cash daily detail report. This will let you Email the report to yourself as it uses the
company Email address.

Added the list format manager to the customer browses. This lets you reorder the fields on the browse screen to your

Added more reports to the top of the Parts Inventory Browse which now include printing All parts in part# order, All
parts in Description Order, All of one category in part# order, All of one Category in Description order, All of one
vendor in part# order, and all of one vendor in description order. There is also a total of the records printed at the
bottom of each report.

Changed the Customer display of vehicles or units to show more information including unit#, vin, engine

Added a query to the new Inventory Utility to select inventory by anything.
Added a button to select inventory by one vendor.
Added a function to delete all inventory selected.
Added two new invoices for Florida in the report manager, Invoice120 and invoice121 for repairs and estimates

Added a new file to store variable field names. This allows Digital Wrench to be used for a variety of businesses. The
following Field Names are now Variable and can be changed to anything.
Engine Size
Engine Number
VIN/Serial #
If you leave these blank they will remain as is.
(For instance if you only track hours, you could change the Odometer to Hours.)
Select the Type of business you have in the bottom of the Company setup. If you click on Biz Types, you can create
your own business type. From here you can also select your own Icon for the selection of the vehicle. All references
to the term vehicle are also variable. If you leave the

Changed the lights so the names of the lights are now variable. You can access the names of the lights in the
company setup, under the ToDo Defined Tab. If you leave them blank they will remain as is.
Went through the program and found references to vehicles, engine, VIN, etc. and made them variable so the
program will pick up on the variable field names as mentioned above.

Added the variable fields to the Report Manager Report Writer so you can make invoices (made one already
invoice99.rpt) with the variable field names.

Added a printer setup to be able to print to a different printer with the POS. You can then print to 40 column printers
for receipts.

Added Serial numbers in POS. If the serial number box is checked in the part, the POS will ask you for the serial
number. You can then look it up, or just type in (or scan in) a new one. There will be a warning if the serial number
was already used or if it is not found. You can then still use that number. It will be added if it doesn't exist, along with
the date sold.

Added a POS only override so you can have specific invoices printed if you are printing from the Point of Sale.
These are the same invoices that can be used in for repair orders... so you can use either the pre-built invoices or the
Report manager invoices that can be changed. This is found in the company setup - Each computer.

Added the capability to have custom to do lists using the same reports in Report Manager. You can copy a previously
made invoice and save it as todox.rpt (the x is the number of the report). In the Company Setup area you can choose
the To Do List number for a Completed / WIP or an Estimate.

Added the capability to turn off the status light.. just right click on the status light when you are in the RO.

Added a status light to see all RO's that don't have a status. It is dark blue. This essentially gives you one more status

Added a run item for the new POS in the run menu.

Added a utility (Under the Customer Menu) to change a vehicle and all of it's associated RO's to another customer.
Added a filter to the Customer Work Order Browse ($) to allow you to filter all of the RO's by one of the customers'
vehicles. The vehicle selection shows only the vehicles for the selected customer. You can search the vehicle by
Unit# or VIN.

Added Query to Customer Work Order Browse ($). This allows you to setup custom queries by any field in the work
order/Invoice except the memo field. Call if you want to learn how this works before we get the video up.

Added: When you type in the Odometer/Hours in the RO, the program will ask you if you want to update the
vehicle's Odometer/Hours.

Added: When you type in the Unit/Tag# in the RO, the program will ask you if you want to update the vehicle's
Unit/Tag# . This will help keep the vehicles tag# and odometer/hours in sync with the RO.

Added the List Format Manager to the Work Order Browse. This option allows you to reorder the fields that display
on the screen. For instance if you wanted the date moved to the right or a description moved and displayed to the left.
This is accessed by right clicking on the browse itself. At this time it is only available for the Repair Order Browses.

Added: Invoice 20 which is a copy of invoice 3. However it now has the Email capability. This invoice is custom (for
a customer) and has a Credit Card Fee instead of the Supply Tax. (It really uses the Supply Tax so you can't have a
Supply tax and a Credit Card Fee.

Added some features to the RO browse so you can change what fields are in the browse and what order they are
shown. You can also sort on most of the fields listed by just clicking on the field name.

Added a utility to Fixdata to let you pay off a date range of invoices. This is only for the purpose of fixing data from
the old AR. Do not use unless directed!

Added an option for the program to ask you to backup your files when you exit. This is located in the company setup
and needs to be setup on each computer. It defaults to ON.

Added icons to menu items that have icons in the toolbar menu.

Added the Letter Editor Icon.

Created a Run Menu for running all external programs (Leditor, import/export, scheduler, backup, remote support,
Fix Data, and the old AR).

Changed Access Denied screen to show for .75 seconds instead of .1 seconds. (now you can read it)

Added Invoice #20, created from invoice #3. This changes special charges to other charges, and replaces the supply
charge with Credit Card Fee.

Added a Discount Calculator to the Work Order Screen. Highlight then click on the word 'Discount'. You can set an
increment and use your mouse to increment the discount percentage by 1, 2, 5, or 10. Or just type in the discount

Added parts profit and other charges profit to the Profit Report.

Added an option in the Company Setup (each computer) to turn off the lights that allow you to edit in place the labor
and parts records. Edit in Place (EIP) was confusing for many people, so we defaulted it to off, now we default the
green lights at the bottom of the work order screen to be gone. If you're using EIP, you can turn it back on in the
company setup.

Added a vehicle query to view all work orders by one vehicle. This is located in the completed work orders, click on
the vehicle tab and click on the ellipse to find a vehicle. This list will show all work orders for that one vehicle.

Added a new work order query. This is located under the menu item Work Orders. This will be an ongoing project to
help find work orders by many different means. Including searching the work orders for a particular part# or part
description so you can see how many times you've replaced a part, or if you did replace a part.

Added unique ID #'s to each labor item... for future use.
Added the future use, which is allowing you to log a technician(s) multiple times for one labor item in the work
order. The program will then total the actual time, and you have an option to bring in the total time for that labor

Created a re-number in the file manager to add unique ID numbers to the work orders labor items. This is required to
use the labor logging feature (it only needs to be done once).

dded buttons to the payment screen. If you click on them, it will bring in the balance. For instance, click the button
next to the cash payment and it will bring in any negative balance.

Added a multiple-payment button to the Point of Sale screen (click on the $ icon at the top of the main screen). It will
bring in all WIP's only for that one customer, then you can highlight the invoices you want to pay by clicking on
them and holding the ctrl key, or click mark all. Then you can complete and pay for all of the invoices at once. Note:
only one cash record holds the amounts tendered because you will only tender the total one time. However, there will
be a new cash record created for every invoice paid. This is beta, so any suggestions would be welcome.

Added: If there is something in the Extended Description on a part, the tab will display **** Extended Description
*** instead of just Extended Description.

Added Filter to POS Screen that shows all invoices, just completed, just estimates, or just WIP's.

Added Filter to be passed to statement report, so whatever is on the screen will print on the statement report (as long
as the balance > 0)

Added header sorts to the parts under the work order. You can click on the Part#, Description, Category, or
Technician to see the parts sorted (click again for a reverse sort). You can sort by more than one level by holding the
Ctrl key before you click the heading. For instance, to sort by Category then Description, click on Category, then
Control Description. This is a great way to see if you've added multiple of the same part.

Added a Statement Report to the POS Screen ($). You must select All, Estimates, WIP, or Completed as a filter for
the report. Only invoices with balances will display. The statement lists all invoices that have a balance and the above
criteria (A E W or C).

Changed the Statement so it can be saved as a PDF, or emailed as a PDF using our Report Email Procedure. This
allows you to send a message with the Statement attached as a PDF.

Added a customer lookup to the report manager work order report section.

Changed the view completed work order screen to the normal work order screen, but disabling any capability of
changing the invoice/work order.

Changed the repair order viewer (when viewing completed repair orders), to be able to edit the customer information
and then automatically copy the customers information into that work order.

Changed Quantities in Parts list (inventory) and work order parts to have 2 decimal places.

Changed Odometer in invoices to allow up to 9 million miles.

Added Date Completed to Invoice 14.

Changed Multi-Pay to allow under-payment of the totals.

Changed the filter on the POS screen. Now you can select Balances only for all RO's, whether they be estimates,
WIP's, or Completed.

When viewing the completed RO from the main repair order screen, under one customer (where you can see the
completed work orders for that customer), you can now use the new viewer for the completed work orders (RO's).

Added option to NOT charge labor tax if there are no parts or special items.

Changed Diagnostics to show the correct balance. The new calculation will create a balance from the diagnostic fee -
amount paid + Interest. There is a utility to fix all Diagnostic work orders in the Fix Data program.

Changed Diagnostic Browse screen to show the new Disabled Work order screen.

Added a utility to recalculate all customer balances from all work orders (completed and diagnostic)

Added a utility to pull in all AR invoices and create payment logs and update the WO Balances.

Added a utility to create payment logs by using just the amount paid from each WO.

You can now call the backup program from within Digital Wrench.

Added the interest compiler.

Added the statements to print out using a windowed envelope.

Added the Interest and interest compiler setup screen.

Changed all calculations to include interest.

Added a Parts Pull List to the top of the Work Order Browse Screen.

Copied Invoice# 17 to create Invoice# 19. We added a variable logo.
Created Invoice# 20 from Invoice# 3. This is a custom invoice.
Added some icons to the main menu (top menu).

Changes 2013

Adjusted many more screens for size.
Added the Leditor, Email Letter editor and sending program. You can create unlimited lists by querying customers,
then send to those lists. This is an Add-on program.
Added 2 fields to the customer to be used for queries, you can put anything in those fields.
Added a user date field so you can put a date in the customer that is not updated by the software.
Added a Last Date, and First date, these will in the future be updated by the software automatically.
Added Program Update menu for Windows Vista, 7, or 8 under the file menu.
Now when adding a deposit that is greater than the balance, the extra money will be added to the customer pre-paid.
This money can be used by any invoice later when paying for the invoice/work order.
Added sample PDF's for all the work orders on the website, and a menu item to take you to that webpage, under
setup. The all_wo.PDF has all work order invoice samples.. page 1 is invoice 1, page 2 is invoice2, etc.
Fixed Paid Outs to work correctly.
Fixed Cell phone# to show up correctly in the browse windows.
Fixed login so if you cancel, it will not run the program.
Changed all part numbers, in all files (Parts, Work order parts, order, partshistory, PO Request, serial number file,
sales file, and packaging file to be 30 characters instead of 24. Some reports will not show all 30 characters.
Added a location file for looking up the location in the parts file. This may be a bother if you have filled out many
locations, however, this will make the locations consistent and trustworthy.
Added a utility to add locations to the lookup table (only do this once).
Changed the 5 user defined string fields to be 30 characters instead of 10. These are attached to each work order so
you'll have those extra fields that you define to use on each work order.
The Work Order memo is now 2000 characters instead of 1000.
Added a 2000 character extended description to the parts and the inventory.
Added Invoice 17 which will print the extended description.
The Import program now has an automatic backup facility. This way if you have a problem when importing your
parts, you can restore from the last (or one of the last several backups). A new backup for the inventory, or customer
file, is done everytime you do an import. There are also warning screens that display.
Fixed the Letter Editor (Leditor) to cancel correctly when doing a query.
Added the Subject and category to the normal Letter editor (Under Marketing/Make Letters).
Added an option for Emailing Invoices (or estimates or WIP's) to customers. Now you can put in your own subject
line, and text so the Email which has the attached PDF Invoice can be changed.
Added an Option for When you Email invoices to choose a pre-made letter from your letter editor. If you have
Leditor, you can also use HTML letters. This also includes mail merge, so your letter can have some personal
information, like the customers name, company name, whatever you wish to setup.
Now, when selecting customers in Leditor, the query can also search by the vehicles information. For instance you
could choose everyone that had a certain make, model, engine size, or anything else in the vehicle record.
Added - Unlimited Pictures to each work order. The pictures can be set in a certain order and are stored in the images
Changed - The customer company name is now 40 characters instead of 30.
Changed - The labor list lookup now has the short description as well as the labor detail.
Added - Invoice to Report Manager (the Report Writer). Right now it's beta. This will allow us to create many
invoices that you will be able to modify to suit your needs.
Added - Lookups to the 2 user defined customer fields. This will help keep the user fields consistent so when you use
them later in a query to create a list (in the Letter Editor), you will have consistent data.
Changed Deposit and Return Deposits to work better.
If you put a deposit on a work order, it simply applies as a payment. However, if you put a deposit on a work order
that is greater than the balance, the extra money is applied to change or a pre-pay amount that is stored in the
customers account.
If a customer has a pre-pay, you can return it separately. A Return Pre-pay button will display at the bottom of the
work order browse screen.
The deposits show up in the cash file under deposit, or returned deposit, unless the deposit is greater than the amount
of the invoice total. That extra amount is added to the Account field in the cash file, because the money is put on
account (think bank account and you're the bank).
Fixed AR to show payments on AR. Payments should not be made in AR at this time, it is a one way street, you make
all transactions in the Work Order section.
Changed AR, so if it is on, all transactions are recorded in AR. Note that there will only be one line item for each
work order, but there may be multiple payments. Deposits do not show up in AR, as the invoice in the AR side
doesn't get created until the invoice is completed (whether or not a full payment is made).
Fixed several reports that had the phone numbers display incorrectly.
Added a Pre-Paid field to the cash file. This is to be subtracted from the sales for the day to give an actual cash
balance for the day. For instance, if someone prepays (by making a deposit) on an invoice, then when the invoice is
completed, the full sales amount shows up in the cash file, but the pre-pay needs to be subtracted, because you may
not have gotten the complete sales amount today... you got the sales amount minus the pre-paid amount. This way, a
person can pay for their invoice by using deposits, then when you complete the invoice, it will show the sales, but no
balance in your cash drawer.
At this time payments should NOT be made from AR, rather, do all transactions on the Work Order side.
Install completely changed to work with all versions of Windows.
Digital Signing done to comply with Microsoft standards.

Changes 2012

Email and SMS text messaging for customers.
Customer lookup by vehicle when adding a estimate or invoice.
Expanded labor entry from 1000 to 2000 characters, including history labor.
Expanded VIN/Serial # field for auto repair from 18 to 40 characters.
Expanded Model field from 15 to 30 characters.
Created import program for importing CSV data from parts databases.
Feature to turn off all vehicle options for air conditioning repair or other repair business types.
Changed Invoice 1 so cell number prints correctly.
Changed font on Invoice 1 to a larger size so it's easier to read.
Invoice 13 for businesses that do not do vehicle repair but other types.
Invoice 14 for another invoice.
Canadian invoice, number 15, good for many business models.
Changed order/receive features to work better.
Feature to charge a customer a special tax rate, they can pay none, tax 1, tax 2, or both.
Made repair order entry easier.
New Repair order cloning feature, saves time when doing the same kind of work.
Email and website fields to Company setup.
Split payment capability for mixing payment types.
Option to undo (or return) a deposit.
Feature for changing the customer on a repair order.
Feature to set software to use Repair Order or Estimate as a default. So if you don't do Estimates you go
straight to RO.
Select one customer feature. From Browse work order choose a customer and see all work done for that
Fax and cell carrier for SMS text messaging in customer form.
Search for parts by part #, description, or default category when searching for parts using Add from list.
Search by description or category when looking for a labor item in the labor list.
New Backup program saves seven days of backup information making your data more secure.
Optional X-Charge credit card processing.
New backup software is included that backs up 7 consecutive days in zip files.


Works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
Automatic on line upgrade feature added for free interim upgrades.
Unlimited customers, inventory and history.
Unlimited Work Orders, Estimates and customers.
Import feature imports CSV files into inventory. We have imported the entire 40,000 plus parts list from Cummins.
Import for Cummins parts, for Diesel Installations, or anything else.
Lookup for Real Time Labor Guide for auto shops. (sold by Labor Guide company Separately)
File Manager feature is built in for rebuilding files that may get damaged by power failure or other computer problems.
Technician tracking in labor, parts and repair orders.
Logo on invoice 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 14, 16, 20, 21 - Create a logo in jpg or bmp and print.
Multiple color themes allow you to change the way Digital Wrench looks, are built in standard.
Multi pay invoices from $ screen is great for fleet service.
Find past WIP by clicking on the One Customer tab in seconds.
Report Writer Standard for building custom invoices and reports.
Canned Jobs feature for putting in parts and labor on repetive work is standard.
Clock for timing work done with sign in and out on each labor entry.
Add parts from special order or inventory,, look them up in history for warrantee work in seconds.
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