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Why would you want credit card procession in your auto repair, boat repair or other repair business?

It's very simple.... Repair jobs can get expensive!

Put yourself in your customers shoes, you just got a bill for $700.00 to repair your auto, or boat, or maybe air conditioner. Do you have the money to just write a check? For most people the answer to that question is no, so if you don't have credit card processing in your shop you may lose the job!

We are compatible X-Charge Software for processing your credit cards. We are now using the new X-Charge interface which is PCI compliant.

If you've never done this before, there are a few things you should understand.

1) No matter who you sign up with for credit card processing, the processor sends the money directly through to your bank. So you don't need to sign up with your bank for credit card processing.

2) If you sign up through your bank (for CC processing), you will have to purchase some sort of payment processing software.

3) Our software does not process your credit card. Our software interfaces with another software program that actually does the payment processing. (X-Charge)

You will want to take into account your rates and fee's when you signup to a credit card processor. For retail stores doing smaller transactions it is better to go with a higher percentage and a lower per-transaction fee. For stores doing higher ticket items just the opposite can be true.

We are recommending X-Charge because the software is free and they have good rates. If you are currently using a machine, you will find you can save some money by processing through software, and much more efficient.

We use X-Charge with our business here at VMT. When you make an order with us, we are using the same program that you are purchasing. So we know how it works. It works great over the local network. We just installed it on one machine, told Best Seller where the X-Charge program was located, and it worked instantly.

Our Friends at X-Charge sent us the following information so we could inform you about what they have to offer.

With X-Charge there are no startup fees, application fees or contracts and we have excellent customer service so you would never need to talk to the processor.  Our rates are black and white and we don't have any junk fees such as:

1.  No Misc authorization fee
2.  No Batch fee
3.  No Wats fee
4.  No Gateway fee
5.  No fee for declines
6.  No fee for returns
7.  No software cost
8.  No software upgrade fee
9.  No fraud or double entry errors
10. No contract for the merchant services account

Now, right within the VMT software your customers can pay for purchases using any major credit card. The VMT software will process through a dial up or high-speed Internet connection and then deposits the funds right into your existing bank account. You'll no longer need to purchase and maintain outdated credit card terminals and printers. Customers love this new feature because credit cards can be approved in as little as 2 seconds, and payment information is shown on the same POS receipt.
We also offer a free analysis of your current Merchant Statement. This analysis is a reality check to look at your fee structure and total cost of credit card processing.  Also, it will show how much money you would save by using X-Charge. This way you'll be able to see how much money you would save, along with the benefits of integration. We are able to save our clients money over 95% of the time.

X-Charge is far beyond simple rate quoting for credit card processing. This is new technology that VMT researched and deemed a valuable addition to their program because all of it provides intangible benefits that aren't always so obvious until it has been implemented.  These benefits free the staff up to spend more time where it counts and where they want to spend it, with the customers.

X-Charge is always current with technology

Security updates occur that require merchants to purchase/lease new terminals in order to remain current.  If merchants don't remain current they are subject to higher processing cost.  With X-Charge changes occur in the software.  X-Charge software is shipped to merchants, cost included.  When received merchants simply contact our tech support for installation instructions.  Merchants are always current and never subjected to higher processing cost! 

Integration Eliminates the Chance for Fraud or Error Due to Double Entry

Using one of our software solutions and X-Charge, no re-keying of the sales amount is required.    The amount tendered in the program is exactly what is authorized via X-Charge.   This integration virtually eliminates the chance for fraud or error. 

ntegration Provides a One-to-One Audit Trail

Every credit card transaction has a corresponding transaction within X-Charge, never missed or erroneously keyed.  

X-Charge Consumes NO Counter Space

Counter space is at a premium.   X-Charge software runs directly on the Your POS station replacing standalone bank terminals, reducing the clutter at the checkout counter and providing more valuable space for selling. 

X-Charge is FAST

Credit Card transactions are authorized in less than 10 seconds.  2 to 3 seconds using high speed Internet. 

X-Charge is EASY For Your Clerks

Your clerks simply tender the sale normally and swipe the customers credit card X-Charge does the rest.  Your clerks will no longer have to move from the POS station, to the standalone terminal, back to the POS station.

ONE RECEIPT For Your Customers

No longer will you have to issue a POS System receipt AND a separate credit card receipt, a more professional solution.

One Phone Line . Hard Dollar Cost Savings

Rather than having one or multiple credit card terminals and printers for a network of POS stations, X-Charge allows you to have ONE MODEM and ONE TELEPHONE LINE.  X-Charge also allows you to process via High Speed Internet eliminating Multiple or Single phone lines.  

Data, Data, Data

X-Charge can print meaningful management reports, allowing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and user defined time period reporting.  Much more information than stand alone credit card terminals can provide.  

Do yourself and your customers a favor! Get software for your auto repair business, boat repair business or other repair business.

You will generate more work for your auto shop using our processing software.

Digital Wrench auto repair software can be customized to display all auto features, some auto features, or no auto features so you can have it your way!
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