Work Order Labor

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Work Order Labor

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You may add a labor item directly to this work order by selecting ' Add Labor - One Time', or, if you have a labor list, simply select the 'Add from Labor List' button.


The browse labor screen looks like this:



You can have the labor show and print in order. Click on the up or down arrows to move an item up or down in the list. Sometimes you may have to renumber them, they renumber by 5's... so you can add a labor item in the middle.


Also note the + sign on the left. This indicates that there are labor logs with the cost of labor. + means you made money, - means you are charging less than you are paying for the labor. Blank means there are no labor logs. Labor logs are not required.


Tricks and Tips


If you want to delete all items in the above labor list, hold the Shift key on the keyboard and click on the Delete Button. A question will display asking if you would like to delete all of the labor items.


Right Click on the bottom_checkmark to open the labor screen wider. Right click on it again to make it the normal size. This may help you visually when adding a lot of labor items.


If you highlight a labor item then click change (or just double-click on it), you'll see a number in the top right corner... this is an order#, not like placing an order, but the order of the record in the displayed browse table. That is what the up and down arrows and the ReNumber buttons are for, to change the order of the records. They will also show up in that same order when printing the invoice.