Using the Help

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Using the Help

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These are the help files. In most cases, you can press the F1 function key on your keyboard and get help for the screen you are on. If the help doesn't exist yet for that area, you should be taken to the main menu.


Some of the screens you'll see in the help files are different colors. You can select the color theme for Digital Wrench. While we try to stay consistent, sometimes we decide on a new color theme, and we don't want to go back and redo the help for that screen just because the colors are different. (Not lazy, efficient!)


The help files will always be behind the program. We program much faster than we can write documentation. That's one reason we have tech support on the phone. A simple phone call can get you going very quickly. (541-582-4744 for tech support).


The table of contents should get you anywhere you want to be. Also, you can get into a help topic and click on the left and right arrows at the upper right portion of the help page to read the help files like a book.


Also, if you have an internet connection you can watch our YouTube Video's. (Click Here)