User Defined Options

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User Defined Options

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This part of Company Setup is used for setup of To Do options.


These are the 'names' of the checkmark, entry, or date fields. The result of the above setup will look like this when you click on the ToDo Button todo_button from the work order screen...


Check it Screen (from the RO screen)




There are 20 check mark fields, 4 Entry Fields, and 3 date fields. If you don't fill them all in, they won't show up on the above entry form.


By clicking on the To Do button on the invoice screen you can pick items that you have set up here for your tech to work on. You can then print the work order and give it to the tech. There are 20 standard options that will let you click them ON or OFF at the work order.


Status Lights


Each Estimate or RO can have a status light turned on. Each light is a different color. While we have defined what the lights are for, you might not like our light names, so you can now name the lights.


At the top of the RO screen there are 5 Status 'lights'. Each one has a different meaning. You can make up your own meanings, but here is what we define them as. You can turn on one light for each WIP or Estimate. It is simply a status. This let's you select and filter RO's with just that one status in the work order browse screen.


Dark Green: No Status

Blue: Waiting for an estimate or to be put in the shop.

Yellow: Waiting on parts.

Red: Being worked on.

Green: All done, good to go.


If you're ok with these, just leave the status names blank, otherwise type in your status meaning for each light color.