Add Part to Work Order

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Add Part to Work Order

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You can get to this form by either clicking on the Add Part, or Add Part from inventory.




This is the RO parts editing form. Remember that everything you enter here is put into, and saved, in this estimate or WIP, but not updated or saved in any list except for this RO. It affects nothing in inventory, if at the top of the screen it's marked as 'Special Order'. That's what we call a non-inventory part. We are simply adding this item to the work order.


If it says 'Selected from Inventory' at the top of the screen, it means that you selected an inventory part, and it was 'copied' into this RO part record. Items that are selected from inventory will update the inventory quantities when transferred to a Work in Progress (WIP), and when completed.


For instance, let's say we had an inventory item with a quantity of 5. We select 1 of this inventory item to be added to the work order. If it is an estimate, no quantities are changed in inventory. If it is a WIP, then the Quantity in inventory is reduced by 1, and the quantity on hold is increased by one (in the inventory (or Parts List ) record. Now, when we transfer it to completed, the Quantity on Hold in the original inventory record is decreased by one.

(But really you don't need to think about it much, the program handles everything for you.)


At the top of the screen you adjust your quantity. To the right of that you'll see a number for this RO, then there is the order number. This is the order that this part is displayed in the parts list for this RO.


Category, Vendor, Mfg, Serial#, and Technician must be consistent, so just use the lookup buttons button_lookup to display the lookup for that item and select from the lookup.


Note: If you have Vendor, Serial#, and MFG turned off in the company setup area, you will not see these fields display.


After you enter the cost you can use the markup feature to the right by clicking on the arrows. Depending on your company setup, the program will markup by Margin or Percentage.


At the bottom on the left there is the Order information which comes from the purchase order, if you added this item to a PO while on the Repair Order screen. See more in Purchase Order.


Click on the Check to save the part, or the X to cancel the editing and not save.