Update Labor

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Update Labor

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This is the actual labor record in the work order. It is only stored in this work order.


Enter the number of hours for this job. Hours are decimal hours. If you have hours and minutes, click on the Time button, and enter the time in hours and minutes and it will convert it to decimal hours for you. For instance, 1 hour and 15 minutes will convert to 1.25 hours.


Choose the category for this kind of labor by clicking on the icon to the right of the category field.


Type a description of the Work Done.


Click on the technician look-up button to select the tech. (This comes in automatically if you have selected a tech in the RO)


Enter the rate per hour. (This comes in automatically if setup in the company setup area).


If you choose a flat rate by clicking on the flat rate button, the Hourly Rate changes to the Flat Rate and the total is the Flat Rate. Number of hours is irrelevant as far as calculating the total.


Click on OK when finished.


The 10 you see at the top is just the order in how it falls into the list of labor items. They are usually numbered 5 apart. You can ReNumber on the browse screen.


Click on the Labor Login to add labor logs to this labor item. This helps track actual working hours. If you track your labor hours, the program will calculate your ELR, or Effective Labor Rate. This is total amount billed divided by total tech hours.


Click on the More Tab in the Labor screen. Here is a Video Link specifically for YouTube Video's. Click on the film icon and it will take you to a YouTube Video you have saved, or just to YouTube if your video link is blank. Click Here for more information.