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To Do Button

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When you click on ToDo button a screen similar to this displays information you have entered the Company Setup




The items with the check marks can be anything you make them. On this example screen there are 20 items to pick from, when you add titles in the setup form those will show here.


So, you can have between 1 to 20 different things to chose from depending on how many you have set up. There are 1 to 5 items that can be entry fields, in this example I used four. Only the ones you have titles for will show here, as you can see they can be anything you want. There are 1 to 3 date entry fields you can use. Click on the items you want, using invoice 2 and 5 these items will print. This can be handy for items ToDo for your tech people. There is a to do report, and there are modifiable to do reports available.