Payment Screen for Receivables

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Payment Screen for Receivables

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To make payments for a customer, First click on theicon_dollarsign.


This brings up the screen that after you select a customer, can show you all invoices. It starts filtered by invoices with balances. Remove the check-mark next to balances only to show all invoices, paid or not.


You can complete an invoice from here by highlighting the invoice and selecting the Complete Transaction Button completeTransactionButton


However, you may also click on the Multi-Pay button multi_pay_buttonwhich will allow you to pay on multiple invoices with one payment.




There are several ways to select the invoices to pay. First, you can highlight multiple invoices with the cursor bar by holding the control key down when you click. You can also click on one invoice, then Shift click on another one and all of the invoices will get highlighted.


You can also just mark them by date range. Click the Mark by Date Range button or click on the 2 calendars to select a date range.