Suggested Re Order of Parts

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Suggested Re Order of Parts

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When the inventory has been set up with minimum and maximum quantities the program will automatically puts items in the suggested Re-Order list when the item is sold.


As a Work Order (work in progress, not an estimate) has parts input into it, the parts are put On Hold in the Inventory, and the quantity is reduced by that number. When the Work Order is Completed the parts are taken from the On Hold quantity. When the parts are removed the program checks minimum and maximum amounts to determine if this item should be ordered. If these amounts are blank the program can not determine if the parts should be put on order so it is important to fill these in if you want this feature to work.



You can click on the History button for a part by clicking on Change, then click on History to see the past history of this part.


To order parts from the Re-Order list just click on ORDER with that item highlighted. The Order form will display all the information about that item. To see the history of the item click on the history button. Right click in the date field and today's date and time will be put in for you. Putting the date and time in the form sets that item to be ordered and transfers it to the order section, removing it from the suggested Re Order.