Reconcile Cash Drawer

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Reconcile Cash Drawer

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This option should be done every day. If you are only doing a few transactions a day you may want to do it once a week. If you don't do it the cash file will get huge and slow the program down a little.


Step 1. Print the Summary Report or the Detailed Report (under the Browse Cash Column) to give to the bookkeeper. This prints all your transaction information from the last time you did an end of day. It is not separated by date. Note the Drawer# at the bottom of the screen. If you are using the program on more than one machines and you have more than one cash drawer, change this drawer# to the one for this machine. You initially assign the drawer# here too.


Step 2. Click on End of day. This transfers the daily transactions to the monthly/yearly file, and copies each record to the cash History file.


You can browse the Cash History file by clicking on the Cash History button. To get reports, click on the report below that button.


To the right there is a Graph. This will show you total sales in both amounts and quantities for each day or month. Click on the Table tab to see what figures the graph is using.




You can type in the dates, select the calendar icons, or click on the Range button to easily select a range of dates. Click the Daily or Monthly button to get the corresponding graph data. This data comes from the cash history, so if you haven't reconciled the cash drawer, it hasn't been copied to the cash history yet... so of course the data will not be there.