Program Features

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Program Features

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Extremely easy to use.

Easy to install.

Logical program layout.

Completely menu driven.

Intelligent menu system.

Colors selectable by user.

Simple to configure for your business.

Help available for all major functions.

Sell inventory and non inventory parts.

Optional Receivables program for billing.


Unlimited estimates and work orders.

Vehicle information: Make, model, year, license #, VIN #,  and odometer reading.

Records technician that did the work.

Allows a tag # to be assigned.

Records date, time started and date, time promised.

Add as many inventory or non inventory parts as you want.

Add as many labor entries as you want.

Charges can be added for parts disposal.

Calculates all totals automatically for parts, labor, disposal charges and taxes.

Allows for discounts.

Option for allowing or not allowing supply charges.

Add packages, like oil changes with just the click of the mouse.

Allows for revised estimate tracking and amounts.

Easy transfer from estimate to work in progress.

Easy transfer to diagnostic only.

Easy transfer to completed work order.

Records all cash when transferred to completed.

Maintains daily/monthly cash, charges and payments with End of Day feature.

Print invoice or estimate at any time.

Clock in and clock out for tech's.

Odometer will handle up to 9,999,999 miles.

Tech name added to each labor entry automatically.


Different invoices can be printed for estimate and work order.

Custom options in setup allow insurance, engine information and more to be turned on or off.

Each labor entry can be up to 1000 characters.

11 different kinds of invoices to choose from.


Unlimited customers.

Search for customers by name, license number, or customer#.

Complete history of work done on all customer vehicles.

Complete history of parts used for each work order.

Multiple vehicles for each customer.

Memos can be entered for each customer.

Taxable and Non Taxable customer settings.


Unlimited sales items.

Categorized parts listing for fast access to the parts you want.

Parts tracking, minimum, maximum, qty in stock, qty on hold and qty on order.

Parts put in automatic order list when minimum levels are reached.

Simple ordering by vendor.

Easy order receive with last date updated automatically.

Tracks parts by vendor.

Tracks number sold.

Maintains history of parts sold for ordering purposes.

Tracks location of part for easy retrieval.

Part number up to 24 characters.


All Work Orders in progress.

All Completed Work Orders.

All Completed Diagnostic.

All Estimates.

All Work Orders for all customers.

Customers that have a balance on a work order.

Print customer list.

Print history of work orders for one customer.

Non taxable customer list.

Taxable customer list.

List the Inventory parts.

All parts by vendor.

List labor setup.

List other charges.

Out of stock.

Out of stock by vendor.

Minimum in stock by category.

Minimum in stock by vendor.

On order all.

On order by vendor.

Print vendor list.

Suggested RE- Order list.


End of Day reports, summary and detail.

Monthly reports for any date range.

Cash file.

Tech file.

Transaction file.

Activity report.

Print invoice or estimate.

Technician report with labor commissions.

Print one order.


Nine levels of security that you can define on reports and important cash information.