Printer Setup

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Printer Setup

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Anything to do with printing invoices is on this screen.




There are around 22 invoices as of this writing. These invoices are built-in and cannot be changed although we can copy one and change it. That would be custom programming. To see what invoices we have available, either select one (16 is the most popular and we update it all the time), and try printing it. (You do not need to complete an RO in order to print an invoice.) Click on 'View Invoices on the Web' to see the first 16 invoices. Each page in the PDF that you will be viewing correlates to the invoice number.


Then there are Report manager invoices. Report manager is a report writer so you can customize these invoices to a certain extent. If you choose an invoice or estimate here, the normal invoice or estimate will get overridden.

These invoices may be copied and modified by you so you can get the kind of invoice you need. Go into Report Manager and you can check out the invoices there. These need to be setup on each computer.


Image for Invoice


Some invoices will print a graphic logo if you have one. If you have a logo but it's not in your computer a lot of places will scan the logo into a file that can be used. Ask them to save the logo as a BMP, JPEG, WMF or GIF file. Save the file into C:\wrench and look it up here so it can be used. You can test-print different invoices to see which ones work with the logo.


If you find your logo doesn't print, make sure the path name here is correct. Many times your logo is buried under 5 folders so the entire path cannot be stored here. Move your logo to the c:\wrench folder for easiest access.


ToDo List


The ToDo report is a built-in report. However, if you'd like to override the standard report, you can select a custom ToDo report from Report Manager.


POS Receipt Printer


If you are using the Point of Sale, you might have a different printer (like a 40 column receipt printer) that you would like to use. Select the printer here. Be sure you leave your normal printer as the default printer in Windows printer setup.


POS Receipt


If you are using our Point of Sale, you can print a completely different invoice from Report Manager. Perhaps you'd like a 40 column receipt for your receipt printer.


Invoice Detail Order


As of this writing this only works with invoice 16, but it lets you choose the order of the list of parts, labor, or special