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Above the icons is the main menu.


Below the main menu there is a row of icons which lets you access the most used options in the program. From left to right they are...




The furthermost left icon is for creating work orders (WIPS) and Estimates. The 2nd Icon is for work orders that are completed, but money is still owed on them, and the 3rd icon is for work orders that have been completed and paid. The 4th icon is used to view all of one customers WIPS, Estimates, Completed RO's and Diagnostics. You can also pay on multiple RO's at once here.


Work Order Browse[****]


Invoices - used for adding items(parts), labor, or special charges to work orders. The Work order has a revise estimate feature. Once the work order is done click on Transfer to Completed. When completed the Work Order is in the customer history. The money is transferred to the cash file. Any Work Orders that are charged are tracked.


customericon This icon is used to access the customer file. You can look at customer history, add customers, print all work orders for a customer and print customer history for one customer. A customer can have more than one vehicle and a different address for shipping.  Customers can be made taxable or non taxable. When you are making Estimates or Work Orders and adding a new customer it can be done from that screen, there is no reason to leave the Estimate screen and use this option to add customers.


parts_iconsThese 3 icons from left to right are Parts, Labor, and Special Lists. The parts list will also act as an inventory, or you can just use it as a pick list. The labor and special lists are simply pick lists so you don't have to type in the same items over and over and over again. You can add parts to the inventory, labor to the labor list, or specials to the special list as you are adding



package_icon This is the package maker. You can make a package of items from parts, labor, and special.


order_icons From left to right we have the Suggested Order List, and the actual Order List.



scheduling_icon This icon runs the scheduler program.



money_icons The leftmost icon is the icon to browse your cash file. The next icon is the End of Day icon. It is used to transfer the days cash amounts to the monthly file and zero them for the next day. There are two reports for end of day, the summary report and the detailed report. The summary report gives you a one page summary of the days transactions and the detailed prints the detail of every transaction plus a summary sheet. Pick the report you like best and run that report before you click on End of Day. This should be run at the end of every day. There are several reports that won't print anything if you don't do an End of Day.



ar_icon This icon runs the optional Accounts Receivable program.



help_icon This is the help icon. It is used to get help while running the program. You can also press F1 or the individual help button on each screen.


vmt_icon This icon will take you to the internet page that shows recent updates to the software.


exit_icon Clicking on this icon from the main screen will exit the software.