List Formatting

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List Formatting

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List formatting allows you to re-order the table list in a browse screen. Right click on the browse itself to see if the menu shows List Formats. This is great for viewing the data, and if there is a SendTo Button, you'll be able to export the data or print it out.


rightclick1 rightclick_listformat

Simply click on the format you have previously created or click on the Default Format to get back to the order that was originally in the program.


If you click on Format Setup



You can create as many List Formats as you like. Moving the fields up or down to display the fields from left or right, by using the left and right arrows.. try it. Then Save the list, then apply the list and your browse screen will (should) display the fields in the order you selected. You can also NOT display a field by double clicking on the Yes which will change it to a -


If you mess everything up, or your browse is all messed up, just select the default format. In extreme cases you might have to select Delete All. Some of the older screens would show all of the sort orders.