Items by Category

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Items by Category

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Items by Category


Shows all items in one Category.


When you choose this option you will need to pick a Category. If you want to

add a new category pick Insert when the list of categories displays.

Categories are used to separate items for reference later. If Flies was a

category you could look at all flies using this option.


Pick New Category: When you are done working with items in one Category

you can use this option to pick a different Category without going back to

the Main Menu. Choose this option, a Categories displays, use the arrow keys

or mouse to choose the new Category you want. Press ENTER, or double click

on your choice. Items in the new Category displays.


Pick Category


Allows you to add or pick a Category. Categories are used to separate types of items for reference later.


To add press or click on Insert.


To Change press or click on Change.


To pick a Category choose Select.


To leave pick Exit.


Add Category


If you created a new Category the form for entry of Categories displays the first time you use that Category.


Category                     Flies, Lures, Etc....


Keys Available


OK                           To Save information.

Cancel                     To quit, must enter something in name first.