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Update Program

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All programs by VMT Software are shipped with a timer to verify funds and protect the program from being given away.


If you have a message display with an error 5000 or error 9000, it will instruct you to call VMT Software. We will use the option Update Program to give you a code that will make your program run. This option is found under the File menu, or you can get there from the Error 9000/5000 screen by clicking on the 'Update Program' button.




There are 3 ways to get a code:


1. Manual - Call us on the phone and we can walk you through this manually.

2. Automatic - Click on the 'Get Online Code' Button. If we have already sent a code out, you'll be able to retrieve it.

3. Email - You can save the 'VMT Number' above and send us an Email with the # of days and the Number. When we send you a number back, go into this update screen and  click on the 'Get codes from Emai' Button. Then type in the number we sent you back. (Normally this is for emergency so unless we tell you otherwise, use 10 for the number of days.)



If you get the numbers from us over the phone (Manually), we will


1. Ask you for the date and ask you to press tab (pressing tab gets you to the next field)


2. then type in the # of days we give you.


3. Then, you'll press tab and tell us the number. We will type in the number in our super duper decoder ring, and ask you to press tab again.


4.  Type in the number we give you, then press tab to see the new expiration date or 'Program Permanently Unlocked' message.



Call VMT Software Monday - Friday at 541-582-4744. Call 800-457-7818 if you cannot reach us at the above tech support number.