Labor Lookup

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Labor Lookup

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Labor List



This is the Labor list, or stored labor file. If there are things that you do all the time, it's easier to add it to this file, so when adding to your work order, you just pick the item from the Labor List.


There are 2 ways of looking up items, either by category then description, or just by description.


Remember, when you are on a browse screen like this, you can simply start typing, and the program will 'zoom' into the item you are looking for. To erase what you've typed (no, you can't see what you've typed...), just press the cursor up or home key on your keyboard.


You can set the default way of looking up labor items by setting the Default Tab to Category or Description.


If you set the default to description, the description tab will automatically display, just start typing the description. The same goes for categories, except the category lookup will display automatically the first time you go into this screen.


You can get to this screen from the main menu, or when you are adding labor, click on the add from labor list button. You can add items to the labor list while you're adding to the work order, which takes more time now, but later on it will save you lots of time. Of course you don't need to add anything to this Labor List in the work order, you can just add labor as usual.


Press or click on Insert to add another.


Note: here's a neat trick.. when you highlight an item when on the description tab that has a different category, then go back to the category tab, you will see all the items for that category.