Company Setup

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Company Setup

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Company Information - From the Setup Menu


The first screen is for entering information about your company. This information prints on Estimates and Work Orders. Enter your company name, address, city, state, zip and  phone numbers. The ID# is used in some states for an inspection ID.


If you will be using this in Canada click on the box next to the word Canada. This will change Taxes to reflect GST/PST and change the state and zip codes to providence and postal codes once you have left the program and run it again.


Vehicle Display Fields


During customer entry there are some options that you may not use. These options can be turned on or off depending on your business. Simply check the options you want to disappear


The first is Vehicle Options which include Transmission type, drive train type, power steering yes/no, and air conditioning.


Insurance options track the insurance company, policy number, and expiration date. To turn these off so they are not used enter a 1 here.


A check mark here removes the engine and engine size entry fields. The engine # is still here and can be used for anything you want.





Biz Type


Repair Shop Type allows you to choose your business type. It will change the icon and certain user defined fields automatically. You can further define the fields on the Unit screen by going to the Select Biz Type button and creating and selecting your own business type.