Browse Repair Items

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Browse Repair Items

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This browse allows you to add or select a customers repair item. There is no limit to the number of repair items one customer can have. (These may be named vehicles, machines, boats, computers, clocks, or whatever your main repair items are called)


You can look at the order of the items by Unit Number, customer number or license (license may be named something else depending on the type of business you have). You can click on the header of the items, say model, to sort and locate by model. (To locate, just start typing).


You can select the default lookup, so if you normally find your repair item by Customer, select customer as the default lookup.


If you are selecting a repair item from the work order, the browse screen is a little different as it only shows this customers items, and you can filter the selection criteria by Unit# or VIN (or whatever you renamed those fields to be for your particular business.



To add a Repair item click on the Add or Insert button.