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Hours Editor  for Technician Hours


Under the Setup menu there is an option for correcting mistakes made by Technician's doing a sign in or sign out. This option is called 'Edit hours for technicians' and allows the person in charge to fix anything that might be wrong with log entries. Once you choose this option this screen displays. There is a security feature that only allows people with the right security level to edit hours, make sure you set this up to keep others from changing this information. The security options are in the Setup menu, Security levels.


The Print Hours report shows all the hours and a wage report if the wage amount has been entered in the technician's file.


The default when you first choose the Edit Hours for Technician option is to show all logs for everyone that has signed in and out.


To view hours for one name choose the All Logs for one name option and pick the person you want from the list. Once you have selected that person you can print the logs or purge the logs for just that one person.


If there is someone that has not signed out pick the tab ' Not Signed Out ' where you can sign that person in which the correct information. After everyone has been signed in you can print the reports for that person. To alter information or sign someone out click on the Change button.


See Hours Form[****]