User Defined Unit Fields

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User Defined Unit Fields

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By clicking on the Select Biz Type Button in the first Company Setup screen, the following screen will be displayed...




You probably won't have any Business types available to start, so Click on Insert to add a new Business Type.




The type of business can be anything, it's just for your reference. Unit Name is important because it will display in many places. For instance on the RO screen there will be a 'Select' button, so if your business is fixing ATV's for instance, you would put in ATV so the button says 'Select ATV'. You can always change it later if you make a mistake.


The icon shows up in a few places, so it's nice to have an icon that matches what you work on.




The rest of the fields are important to try and get right the first time because if you call a field a License, then later on change it to Size, then all the corresponding data will be incorrect.


These fields show up on some invoices (and can be made to show up on custom invoices), as well as the RO screen, and several browse screens, and of course the unit/vehicle screen.


The nice thing about this, is you can repair clocks, computers, helicopters, etc., and the program will reflect your kind of repair business.