Add Customer from Work Order

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Add Customer from Work Order

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Add or Edit your customer from the work order.




This form is used to add customers to your program. Enter all the information about the customer, name, address, etc.


Notice that when entering a customer from the work order, the history is not available. That's because history is all of the work orders, and since we're in a work order, that would conflict with things technically.


However, when you select the customer, or change it from within the work order, the customer information in the work order is updated.


Remember, the work order stores the customer information, thereby keeping an accurate history for that time.


You can add vehicles here, or add them while in the work order.


Any notes about that customer can be entered into this form.  These notes are not printed on the estimate or work order (unless you have a custom invoice report that prints this memo).


When Adding a customer, be sure you add a customer ID. You can setup automatic customer ID's in the Setup Area if you'd rather not put in your own customer ID. You could use the phone number without the - as a customer ID.


When you're entering the phone number, just type numbers, no spaces, no (), no dashes -, and press tab to go from field to field.

541 tab 5824744 and the program will format it for you.


On taxes, normally you will click on 'Tax All'. If you have no taxes, that's fine, that is setup in your company setup area.


Note: The 'Auto' tab above will change depending on your business type.