Add Customer from Main Menu

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Add Customer from Main Menu

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Add Customer


This form is used to add customers to your program. Enter all the information about the customer, name, address, etc.. The primary vehicle information is entered into this form. Add vehicle(s) by clicking on Browse or Add Vehicle button.


Any notes about that customer can be entered into this form.  These notes are not printed on the estimate or work order.




Customer shipping information can be entered on the second tab of the customer form. You don't have to enter any information if you don't plan to ship anything to the customer.



Special options here let you setup the customer for specialty items. Notify by: is the default notification when you are communicating with the customer. If you select Text, you need to put in the cell phone carrier so the program knows how to send a text message. You also have to have a cell phone number in the cell phone field (I know, right?)


The first date and last date should be filled out by the software, so leave them alone. However, only you have control over the user date, so put in anything you like. This lets you do search queries on customers. The user1 and user2 fields are also there so you can do search queries. The reason we force you to put the 'answers' in a table is so you have consistency.        




Note: This screen no longer exists due to causing some referential integrity issues... Go to the $ screen from the main menu to see a history of all RO's for a customer.





If you would like to edit the customers ID number (not a normal thing to do), you can enter the customer form and hold the Control key down and right click on the help button at the bottom of the screen. The customers ID number can now be edited. All RO's, Point of Sale items, vehicles/units, and reminders will automatically change to the new customer ID's. Other files including the Appointments, Customer Selection, Email Lists, cash, cash history will not be affected although that may change in the future. Again, this is not recommended, it should only be used if we decide it's OK. Call first.