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customer form three - texting
Customer page three, other gives you a notify option and allows setup for cell SMS texting. Your customers will love it when you ask them if they want a text or email when their work is done!

Over half your customers have a smart phone.

This option will make you stand out from the crowd

This page also tracks the first date the customer came in, the last date they were in and a user date for whatever you want.

You can enter another contact person.

The User 1 and User 2 fields are great for custom information like examples:

Ford Truck - Chevy Truck - Truck - Outboard Boat - Inboard/Outboard Harley - Honda - Touring Bike - Tractor - Lawn mower

Then used with our Email marketing software you can email a special list of customers!
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Digital Wrench detailed screen tour is designed to show you how a certain features in the repair order software.

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