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Do you have questions about our software?

Our support is available by phone, e-mail, or Join.me.

We can use Join.me to access your computer:

Join.me only gives us access to your computer when you give us a code, which changes every time. That means it's secure for you. You can see everything we're doing, and normally we're on the phone with you at the same time. High speed internet is required. This is the fast way to get help for your work order software.

Yearly Support:

We do not force you to buy support. (Our program will not coincidently crash if your support is expired!)

All programs come with one year of support.  And when we say a year, we mean a year... not 6 hours in a year!

Available types of support:

Most support is done on the phone.We do have email support of course, but it is only checked on the weekdays during business hours. We transfer the support phone to the on-call technician after hours (every day), and on weekends and holidays. After hours support is generally for emergency situations where you are not able to process transactions.

Updates are different than support.

An update is work that we have done to the software to correct any problems, add new features, or change some things to make the program easier and more efficient.

Updates are included with support. If your support is in place then upgrades are included. They can be downloaded from the internet when they are available.

Contact us for your auto repair, boat repair, motorcycle repair, or other repair business software.

When your auto repair or other repair business needs help, you need it now! Being able to call and get help is very important. Don't let your auto repair or other repair shop do without help.

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